An SSL certificate is a website security certificate.
In order for any data submitted through a webpage to reach its destination, it has to be sent over the internet. Without secure SSL certificates, it's possible for even an inexperienced hacker to intercept that data. One of the major problems with buying an SSL certificate cheap is that you risk getting one that isn't recognized by browsers. If the user's browser doesn't recognize the company that issued your security certificate, SSL 128 bit encryption isn't going to matter. It might exist, but if a browser doesn't trust it, your user won't either. All two SSL brands offered from FlamexHosting - Comodo, GeoTrust - are known to be trusted by the majority of browsers; they have a recognition rate of 99% or more.


SSL Name Validation Domains Assurance Plans
Premium SSL WildCard Organization Validation (OV) Multiple Subdomains High 61,230.00 Order Now
Instant SSL Pro Organization Validation (OV) Single Subdomains High 61,380.00 Order Now
Positive SSL Domain Validation (DV) Single Subdomains Low 35,110.00 Order Now
Positive SSL WildCard Organization Validation (DV) Multiple Subdomains Low 71,460.00 Order Now


What's Included

Account Features

  • Enterprise Class Servers
  • RAID10 Storage
  • 2 Gigabit NIC
  • Hardware RAID & Backup
  • ECC Registered RAM
  • Redundant Power

Technical Specs

  • Control Panel
  • Programming & Dbase
  • Application Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Support

FlamexHosting Guarantee

We promise to be the only host you'll ever need!

Our low number of accounts per server guarantees unbeatable performance and a maximum share of system resources per hosting account. Furthermore, with our 99,9% SLA you can sleep worry free.


Why Choose Us

Softacious Applications

Whether you want to create a blog, start a forum, use a CMS, wiki, upload to your own photo gallery, or sell online with an E-commerce store, you can do so quickly and easily through FlamexHosting. Since FlamexHosting runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, thousands of existing applications and software are compatible.

Reliable Support.

There are numerous web hosting companies to choose from in today’s marketplace. We want to provide you a safe and reliable platform that you can depend on. Our servers are monitored 24/7/365 and we are always looking for ways to improve on our day-to-day operations. Suggestions? Send us an email; we love to hear from our customers.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our Customer Service is second to none. We are very proud of our customers and want to do whatever we can to service them. Our growing base of individuals and small-to medium-sized businesses rely on both our services to be reliable and our team to be knowledgeable. We offer 24/7 customer support for all customers.

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